Instant Text Updates

In an effort to keep those participating in protests and other events informed on an up-to-the-minute status, some of us have devised a way to keep everyone alert via SMS and IM messaging and the internet service known as Twitter. If you are interested in getting these updates, please follow the following instructions.

1. Set up an account on You can either use your existing one or set up one specifically for Anonymous (we recommend this).
2. Set up your phone onto said Twitter account using the link next to the "notifications" panel. This is important to get alerts wherever you are. Make sure you're getting alerts on "phone" and not "im" or "web only".
3. Do a "Find Folks" search under "People" for CincyAnon. This is the name we're using at the moment, although this can change.
4. Once you've been added to the list, go to CincyAnon's twitter page and turn Notifications ON.
5. You will get a text message on your cell phone whenever CincyAnon updates their status.

Please keep aware that while there is no charge to use Twitter, you may be charged by your cell phone company to receive text messages. Unless you have a plan through your carrier, this can cost you anywhere from $.15 to $.20 a message depending on the carrier. We will do our best to limit these updates to only when they are needed to be sent out, particularly only during events.

If you have any questions, please post them in the forums.

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