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DocL got the okay for us to have a small group (~20 people) at Fountain Square for Saturday. Once everyone arrives at the meeting spot, a group of 20 will head to Fountain Square while the rest will head to the org as usual. People can be rotated in/out of this group every few hours and closer to 6:30pm, everyone will reconvene in front of the org. We need to be especially careful about picking up any litter left by our group. This can include broken sign materials and fliers dropped by pedestrians.

Scott Sloan, who has done a number of shows regarding the "Church" on his WLW program, once again tackles Scientology. This time, it will be broadcast on April 10th, the Thursday before the protest. According to Sloan himself, he'll be speaking with "Anonymous Allen" and has encouraged all Anons to listen and/or call in. Tune to 700 on your AM dial, channel 173 on XM radio or you can listen at This is a good opportunity to get the word out about the protest and educate some apathetic Cincinnatians.

The Enturbulation forums are back up as of 3:30am EST. You will need to reset your password; VBulletin couldn't import passwords from the phpbb3 database.

A local forum has been set up at to help with better coordinating our future protests outside the confines of a single thread. Feel free to register and we'll see how it goes.

Come chat with us on irc server on port 6667, channel #cinci. Head to if you need an irc client.

3/15 Local Pictures:
Worldwide pictures:

Video Footage:

Media Coverage

Anyone who has pictures or video, send it to moc.liamg|nonafaed#moc.liamg|nonafaed. DocL will compile it into the flickr page and make a WIN video for the youtubes, in a similar vein to last time.

When you get the media all gathered up, send it to moc.liamg|nonafaed#moc.liamg|nonafaed. Photos, video, audio, anything. DocL will compile it into the flickr page and make a WIN video for the youtubes, in a similar vein to last time.

DocL has taken care of contacting the local media outlets about our presence on Saturday.

DocL has contacted the police and everything is go: "They had to double check to make sure that 4th st. would be open during the parade, but the happy conclusion is that it is and we'll be fine (we also might have the benefit of added foot traffic!). I told him we would be demonstrating from 2 until around 5, which gives us a pretty wide open window. I also informed him of the church's habit of planting rabble rousers in the ranks of protestors, and that we would like as much assistance as we can get in removing them from our demonstration."

He will also start contacting the media tomorrow, and followup later in the week. "I've been given a very good, very succinct press kit to give out, and I will add to that some video links and other applicable sites. These will be sent out TOMORROW. I've waited until now because media outlets have a short memory. If I told them about it two weeks ago, they wouldn't have taken action on it. By hitting them hard the week of, we've got a better chance of keeping their attention."

For those with cameras, guidelines for capturing video and stills will be posted in the next few days.

The Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day Parade will be held on March 15 from 1PM-3PM. The parade route is as follows: "Starts on Eighth Street and Broadway, down Eighth to Vine, Vine to Fifth and Fifth to Sentinel. Viewing stand by Fountain Square."

While the parade route doesn't appear to be near ground zero, it sounds like Fountain Square/Governer's Square are out of the question at least for the first few hours of protesting, because the route passes through the part of 5th that we would be protesting at.

It's a given that streets will be closed or blocked off by police, making it impossible for our group to cross. Be sure to leave early, scout safe parking areas, and meet up with the group. We will assemble at Starbucks, then begin the picket at the org itself. We may move to a better vantage point if warranted by the situation.

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