Operation Online Rescue

The basic idea is to create fake accounts at Facebook and MySpace, then use these accounts to encourage known Scientologists to leave the church. Focus on reconnecting with family that they've been disconnected from, and pointing out that the nagging doubts they've had in the back of their mind are justified. The co-ordination for this op is being done on the Enturbulation Forums, at http://forums.enturbulation.org/viewtopic.php?t=4675

They seem to have used two methods to find targets:

  • Use public lists of known Scientologists, and search for their names on the sites
  • Search for people who list their religion as Scientology

After this is finished, check for replies. Provide more information to people who need it. Expect mostly negative replies at first. Sending a "fuck you" is quick, starting to reconsider being a member of CoS will take time. Remember: These vast majority of these people are victims of Scientology. Be helpful and friendly.
You can also join #onlinerescue on irc.partyvan.org for live chat.

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