Operation Party On Campus

This operation focuses on gaining as much support and /b/ackup as possible on local college campuses. A list of area colleges has been provided. If you are going to hit one, add one to the number of anons listed. Of course, feel free to co-ordinate with fellow anons. If you want to list yourself as being the primary for a college go right ahead. If you know of a college not listed, add it.


  • Miami - 0
  • Xavier - 0
  • UC - 1
  • Mount St. Joe - 0
  • Cincinnati State - 0
  • University of Dayton - 0
  • Sinclair College - 1 Covered once
  • Wright State University - 1 Pending


  • NKU - 1
  • Thomas More - 0
  • Morehead? (too far? we are the closest anons) - 0
  • UK (same as above?) - 0
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