Here is a list of various projects for Cincinnati Anonymous to participate in for expanding public awareness. If there any Anonymous operations or projects that you are participating in not listed here, please create a page for them, or at least add a link to where they're being organized here, with a tl;dr describing them.

  • Operation Party on Campus - Distributing information on local college campuses to increase support and gain /b/ackup.
  • Operation Online Rescue - Sending messages to known Scientologists on Facebook and MySpace with fake accounts, encouraging them to leave the "Church".
  • Operation Birthday Party - Mass donations to Wise Beard Man to help him fund his documentary.
  • Project Sleeper Cell - Join online forums unrelated to Scientology, and setup a custom signature that looks innocuous, but will change on March 13th.

Full details of these operations are on the Enturbulation forums at http://forums.enturbulation.org. If those forums are taken offline, someone who is fully aware of the details of these operations will update them with all the information necessary to keep it going.

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