Signs & Fliers

Sign Guidelines

  • Do NOT include the word 'hate' anywhere on your sign. Doing so only opens us up to being labeled as religious bigots. This was seen earlier in the form of "Honk if you hate Scientology." An acceptable alternative is simply "Honk against Scientology."
  • Tailor your signs to focus on the themes at hand. The public is not going to know/care about 'Xenu', 'lulz', or 'longcat'. Meme-filled signs devoid of any protest-related content are not acceptable.
  • Make your signs neat and legible from a distance - Big fonts, block letters, preferably in one color. Print out the text/design on a printer and glue it to posterboard, or use the time-tested stencil. Keep the message direct, short, and avoid using any slang terminology.
  • Keep your message concise - Try to present your message in less than 7 words. Remember that we need to play off of the general public's shortened attention span, both for foot traffic and vehicles that happen to pass by. The public needs to be able to read everything at a glance.
  • Make sure your sign is attention-getting - Not all signs have to be works of art, but if you want a great sign that will get people to stop and ask what's going on then it's best to put a little time and effort into it.
  • There are a few business card samples in the files attached to this document. Just click the files button at the bottom of the page.

Operation FairGame:Stop fliers and brochures available HERE.

Sign Ideas

  • Tax Break? Ask Me How!
  • You pay taxes. Scientology doesn't. Unfair?
  • Taxes: You pay them so Scientology doesn't have to
  • Audit Scientology
  • Can you write off your religious education? Scientologists can!
  • Are you Fair Game?
  • Want fair taxes?
  • Ask About the Mask
  • How is Scientology costing YOU with its tax exempt status?
  • Scientology: Church or Corporation?
  • Scientology - they have a Bridge to sell you
  • Trade secrets are for corporations -not- churches
  • The only science in Scientology is science fiction
  • Founded by a con man. Based on greed.
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